A brief history of yoga


The exact date of yoga’s origin is difficult to tell. The oral tradition of India and its first representation of fragile material caused the difficulty. Researches traced it back to 5000 years ago, but some believe it existed even 10,000 years ago. The evolution of yoga is divided into your four periods for better understanding


Yoga was first mentioned in the rig Veda, 5000 years ago and later trickled down into the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita composed round 500 BCE these texts spoke about karma yoga and Jnanna yoga.


Yoga sutras, the first book con traning systematic  representation of yoga, was written in the age 2 and century ad by patanjali, widely  considered as the father of yoga. Patanjali describe raja  yoga and the eight-limbed practice of yoga in his book


A couple of centuries later, the mind an d body were used as means to attain enlightenment giving rise tantra yoga or the hatha yoga .


The new age yoga began with yoga teachers traveling across India and abroad spreading the knowledge of yoga and its practice. Starting from the late 1880s to forming stable institutions in the 1930s, the practice of hatha yoga continues till date in various formats with newer ones cropping up from time to time