How the consistency of yoga practice can help us in daily life

Yoga: – The word yoga in itself is a representation of a complete lifestyle. With its roots in India, the ancient Indian sages discovered the techniques to live in a way that would be best for human beings. From living healthy to reaching enlightenment, yoga has it all. To study Yoga, Patanjali has the most extensive collection of resources that define and accurately describe the yogic way of life. Patanjali’s ‘Yoga Sutra’ is still a popular book among people who want to learn about teacher training in dahramsala, Yogic lifestyle includes the meditation, the diet, the pranayama (breathing exercises), the mindfulness, the asanas (postures and poses) and many more aspects that when followed in day to day life can make life a better experience to live. We shall be mostly talking about the benefits of asanas and pranayama here and how the consistent practice of both can help us live a well-rejuvenated teacher training in dharamsala Asanas are the postures that help to maintain the overall proper functioning of the body. Most of the ailments have a cure in yoga and that too without any side effect. The chronicle diseases like asthma, arthritis, diabetes, back pain, migraine, hypertension, indigestion, liver problem, depression, PCOs have the easy cures in yogic sciences.

According to studies, if you practice 30 minutes of yoga 3 times a week as a beginner it helps to boost the immunity of the body and keeps you active and fit. Along with it, following are few of the many benefits of practicing yoga every teacher training in dharamsala,yoga teacher training in india Helps to rejuvenate the body- While working on asanas, the body moves in certain postures and that helps to refresh and rejuvenate the body.
• Helps to relax the mind- There are proven studies that yoga releases day to day anxiety and stress that people have from work and their surroundings. Yoga helps to become the mind calmer.
• Increases flexibility of the body- Sometimes, stiffness in body is the first stage of beginning of a disease. So, a regular practice of yoga keeps the person’s body flexible and the hormones in proper proportion.
• Massage of the internal organs – While doing the postures, the movement of the body is also helpful to move the internal organs. This provides sort of massage to the internal organs of the body. This is very crucial to keep liver, pancreas, and kidneys in a good health.
• Cures depression – With the movement of the body and the right breathing techniques, yoga can cure mental illnesses like depression, anxiety etc.
• Increases the core strength of body- We realize the importance of strength in day to day life when we have to do some hard and hectic work. At such times, the core strength is very important which can be developed by practicing yoga.
• Mindfulness – When you do yoga and focus your attention on breath and body, you become aware of what is going on with your body and mind. Regular yoga practice helps to increase the awareness and mindfulness of your surroundings too.
• Better blood and oxygen circulation in the body- With the right body movements, the flow of blood is regulated in the body. Along with it, the right type of breathing exercises regulates the flow of oxygen to the heart and body.
• Exercise of spine- Spine is the most important part of the body and it rarely gets any chance to move in a way that would keep it healthy. By doing yoga, the spinal cord gets the proper movement that it requires.
• Better concentration- During yoga, all the concentration is on the postures and this expands to work in our day to day life. With regular practice, we can increase the amount of time we spend on day to work.
• Connecting with our inner self- While doing yoga, we connect to our inner self by moving our attention from one body part to another.
• A healthy lifestyle- Yoga overall initiates a healthy way of living for a person. Someone who practices yoga will automatically start taking care of their health by in taking proper diet and including pranayama in their yoga practice.



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