Will you clarify which one is better Yoga or GYM?

 Yoga or GYM?

The Gym has been promoted so much that it seems like the only or best way of maintaining fitness in a very short time. If you want a perfect body shape then you will prefer. The GYM has become very famous in India by Our actors. We know that Gym can only help in structuring our body and improving the power of the body. But if you need to improve your health, mind and inside the body then it’s important to you do yoga.

While you’re employed on toning your body with yoga, it’ll conjointly facilitate in infusing positive energy in your spirit that is not possible to realize at gymnasium since it solely focuses on up the fitness.

Astanga Yoga Teacher Training Goa helps you in a basic cognitive process that you just good together with you are along with your strengths and even with your flaws. over improvement, Yoga is concerning self-acceptance. The gymnasium will infuse a sense of failure at the start after you don’t seem to be able to perform needless to say. That’s additionally one in every one of the explanations why Yoga categories ne’er have mirrors so one will concentrate on self rather than worrying concerning that form your body is in, not like the gyms!

Unlike gymnasium categories that used a gamut of weights or instrumentality, Yoga merely depends on your body and its strengthening. The body gets toned by victimization its own weights that additionally enhances the muscle strength. With gymnasium equipment’s every muscle must be figured out severally that is additionally long. The stretching of muscles does not solely strengthen them however additionally supply’s a clean look to you whereas the gymnasium can offer a bulked up look.

While you wish a correct athletic facility started beside instrumentation for the example athletic facility session, yoga is experienced anyplace and everyplace. you’ll observe yoga reception or at the park, balcony or maybe at the little area. You don’t get to deem resources.

Here Yoga teacher training is available at an affordable price with best yoga practices which transform your life.

6. Amazing breathing exercise for relaxation


1.  Deep or abdominal  breathing#yoga#yogateachertraining#yogateachertrainingggoa#yogateachertrainingdharamsala

It is known to be the most effective breathing technique for  taking control over our nervous system and keeping the stress level low.

2.  Stimulating breath or bellows breathyogateachertrainingdharamsala

This is the modified  version of a certain yogic breathing exercise

1.  Sit comfortably on the floor and start  breathing through your nose quickly.

2.  Try to complete a cycle of 3 breath-ins  and breath-outs every second.

 3.  Equal breathing or sama vritti


This is as sort  of  balanced  breathing  techniques that should be practiced every night before going to bed

1.  Find a place where you can sit comfortably by keeping your spine straight.

2.  Now,  start breathing in and breathing out through your nose, while counting 1 to 4 each time

4.   Relaxing  breath or 4-7-8 exercise


It is one of simplest breathing techniques that can be practiced anytime anywhere for tranquilizing the nervous system and staying relaxed.

1.  start with sitting straight and planting the tip of your tounge on the upper palate present right behind the teeth

5.   Progressive relaxation



When it comes to feeling relaxed  right from the head to the toe, this breathing exercise works the best.

1.  Sit on the foor by keeping your spine erect and eyes closed.

2.  Now, focus on tensing as well as relaxing various muscle groups of your body one by one

6.   Breath counting #yoga#yogateachertraining#yogateachertrainingggoa#yogateachertrainingdharamsala

It is basically a part of zen practice in which the rhythm and intensity of breaths vary from time to time. However, the entire technique is pretty simple and easy.

1.  Sit upright on the floor by tilting your head a little forward and keeping your eyes closed.

2.  Breath in deeply for a few times and then, breath  out naturally