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We welcome you to this temple of yoga, Yoga Teacher Training at Vishuddhi Yoga. Carefully nurtured and developed after years of diligence by our founder Shri Mahindra. For us at Vishuddi Yoga Teacher Training, we don’t only welcome you as yoga students, but as beings of this infinite cosmic family, working towards the path of self-realization. At Vishuddhi, Yoga Teacher Training, we don’t treat yoga as an exercise, but as a science to understand the inner engineering of ourselves. In the 21st century, we see that the path of yoga has become unanimous with the term exercise. People see it as a sport and worthy only as a fitness regime. We strongly disapprove of this and our Yoga Teacher Training programs propagate yoga in its true essence, with focus on all the 8 limbs of yoga; namely Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. As explained by Maharishi (the great sage) Patanjali and the path mentioned in other ancient texts. We sincerely hope your stay at Vishuddhi Yoga Teacher Training, will imbibe the true yogic essence within you. And that where ever in the world you go, you will spread the light of yoga.


“Vishuddhi yoga offers 100-hours , 200-hours and 300-hours yoga teacher training courses at the affordable price where all profits are donated to charity.”

Why choose Vishuddhi Yoga?

Yoga is one of the best means of achieving a unified purification of mind and soul. The principles of yoga and Ayurveda and the yogic practices have been revered by people around the world for its innumerable benefits that not only brings peace and harmony within an individual but also in the society as a whole. Here at Vishuddhi Yoga we believe in charity from any profits we receive. So, when you join us, you indirectly become a part of this noble cause. We have also started the yoga teacher training courses at our branches Goa and Dharamshala realizing the importance of efficient teaching methods and teachers of yoga.

Business Philosophy

Vishuddhi Yoga is a non-profit organization that mainly focusses on its objective rather than profits from the business. The basic philosophy that drives our business is the establishment of a better human society through self-awakening and peace of mind and soul brought about by preaching the ancient wisdom of yoga. The most important and interesting part of our business is that all our profits are donated to charity. This initiative is taken as a generalized and broad step to bring about peace of mind among the people in the institutions through the art of giving which ultimately leads to self-contentment and self-satisfaction. In our business, we do not discriminate between people from around the world based on nationality, race, and class. Anyone and everyone who is willing to take up any of the courses offered is welcome to Vishuddhi Yoga.

The courses offered and how they benefit you

The yoga teacher training courses mainly focus on teaching the trainees about the goals and traits of a yoga teacher so that he or she can assess his or her potential and capabilities. The trainee learns about the human anatomy and how yoga helps to cure the orthopedic deformities and common diseases and also experiences the joy in serving others through ways like charity.The trainees are taught about the various postures of yoga and their benefits. It is essential that these yogic practices be done in the proper sequence so that one can gain the optimal benefits. Our teachers at Vishuddhi Yoga are committed and well-trained to give attention to each and every trainee and monitor his or her progress. The yoga teacher training courses are given for varying durations – 100-hour, 200-hour and 300-hour. The duration of the course determines the content of the syllabus. In the advanced courses, a detailed study of the application of yoga with the help of modern-day technology and tools along with the prevention of several common diseases is given to the trainees. Every teacher training course offered at Vishuddhi Yoga consists of practical classes where the progress of the trainee is checked by letting him teach in an actual yoga class with a different number of students and varying time durations. This part of the training is given paramount importance as the trainee learns about the challenges of teaching yoga and how to deal with these situations efficiently.

Moving forward with the modern world

It is important obviously, to build a solid foundation of the yogic wisdom and knowledge to be able to achieve inner peace and harmony with the surroundings. However, we, at Vishuddhi Yoga have also realized the importance and the benefits of inducing the use of modern technology in the practice of yoga. Through proper use of these yogic tools, it is possible to teach the trainees the right postures. Technology also allows the elderly people and people with deformities or those seeking rehab to continue practicing yoga irrespective of the hurdles related to fitness and health. Keeping pace with a world driven by technology, we give the trainees the exposure necessary to understand the proper use of machines in yoga. We have realized the role yoga can play in the fast-paced competitive modern world filled with hatred and haste to restore harmony and peace within humans. Through a consolidated approach of preaching the yogic philosophy and practice, along with our practice of donation we aim at fulfilling our realization.

Vishuddhi Yoga welcomes you all to the family of which you all would be a very important part. For us yoga is not just a mean of exercise but also a method of self-exploration. Together we all aim to work in the direction of realization of what we are basically. And also, we strive for a better world through our small gesture of charity which we are able to do with the support of you all.

At Vishuddhi Yoga, our objective is to spread the ideas and principles of yoga throughout the world to build a human society that is built on mutual trust and harmony. The primary objective is not to draw more customers but to give the enthusiasts a strong foundation and also, advanced knowledge about the yogic practices and Ayurveda. And along with this, another imperative aim is to make living a bit better for the people at orphanage or the old age homes through means of charity.

The courses which we offer are based on an up-to-date syllabus that consolidates the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern sciences and practical lessons as well. Also, by joining hands with us you get a chance to contribute to the society by way of charity to the old age home and orphanage.



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Vishuddhi Yoga


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