100 hour Yoga Teacher Training In Dharamsala

Since ancient times, Yoga has been revered as an exercise of the mind and soul that leads to the unification of the mind with nature and surroundings. It purifies the mind and soul. In India, amidst the divine snow-capped mountains and lush green forests, one of the most renowned yoga institutes of yoga teacher training is established in Dharamshala.

The 100-hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala is one of the most renowned courses of yoga around the world. The course has been started to give a brief yet sufficient training to the yoga teachers whose importance has increased parallelly with the spread of popularity of yoga. Yoga must be practised under a proper supervisor who knows the pros and cons of the postures as well as the method to perform them. Many time people ignore this rule and faces dire consequences. The other reason why this course has been started is that many of the participants find the 200-hour course tough to attend due to time or other constraints. This course blends the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic and yogic culture and practices with modern science and technology to build the capabilities and utility of the trainees as a yoga teacher.

The course syllabus includes the following:

  • Hatha yoga โ€“ Meditation and breathing techniques to instil a sense of peace and harmony in the minds of the people. It enhances the capability of the trainee to realize his or her potential. Pranayama and kriyas are taught along with mantra chanting.
  • Proper postures for common yoga practices to prevent injury that may lead to serious situations afterwards.
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga โ€“ It focuses the mind and channels the spiritual energy to various parts or โ€œangaโ€ of the body.
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology โ€“ The parts of the body and their activity while performing each posture.
  • Yoga philosophy โ€“ A detailed study of the principles of yoga that tell us about the importance of harmony, peace and focus within and outside the human body.
  • Practical โ€“ A first-hand experience is given to the trainees to teach a different number of students within a given time period.

Vishuddhi Yoga is one of the most renowned yoga institutes in India that has earned a name for itself across the globe because of its well-organized and effective 100-hour yoga teacher training in Dharamsala. The course gives a solid foundation to the participants regarding the basic knowledge and wisdom of yogic and Ayurvedic principles and experience in yogic practices. People from different countries and races are made to live under one roof to instil a sense of unity and harmony in the surroundings, The most important thing in the syllabus is the actual practice of teaching in a yoga class. This gives the trainees a brief idea of how to deal with defects in postures and avoid injuries and accidents. Through these experiences, the knowledge and confidence of the individual are increased manifolds. With the help of proficient and well-experienced teachers, the trainees are taught the proper methods and sequences of the yoga practices and how they affect the body. The well-organized combination of ancient wisdom with modern science is the reason why Vishuddhi Yoga is renowned.

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