100 hour yoga teacher training In Rishikesh

The 200hours course may seem lethargic to some of them as it’s long and eventually can’t give enough time for it. The 100 hours Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh can be the saviour for them. If you enrol in this course at Vishudhi Yoga, then you will just take part in the first two weeks of 200hours training. This course will instil you with the confidence to teach with their teaching. One more delight for the person is, as they don’t have enough time for the 200hours course, they can complete the course at a different location too. That will make them eligible for 200 hours Alliance certification course. If an individual doesn’t want to take the later course, he or she eligible for the 100hours Alliance course which is recognized worldwide. In this course, you blossom with the foundational knowledge and techniques. Therefore, it’s a comparatively easier training and has a lighter approach. The amalgamation of the ancient Vedic and Yoga knowledge are the roots of the course. The 100 hours Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India cultivates your skills as a Yoga practitioner and teacher.

What’s the syllabus of 100 hours Yoga teacher training?

As discussed above, the course will be the same as the first two weeks of the 200hours course. The three elements that you will learn in this course is Hatha (traditional and therapeutic), AshtangaVinyasa and Vinyasa flow.

Hatha Yoga-The deeper understanding of ourselves with the help of the body and mainly focusing on the breath can be done by the Hath Yoga.
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga-This Yoga practice is to cleanse your mind and still the mind. In this an individual focus on only at one point to avoid distraction.
Vinyasa Yoga-Vinyasa Yoga is derived from the AshtangaVinyasa Course. The vitality of the course is to simulate the Yoga pose and breathe with the flow.

Why choose 100 hours of Yoga teacher training at Vishudhi Yoga?

At Vishudhi Yoga, there are trained teachers that will guide you to the ladders of the success. The programs are affiliated by the Government of India. Mahinder Prasad is one of the teachers at the Vishudhi Yoga who has led his earlier life in the Himalayas between the Yogis and monks. Not to forget he is the founder of Vishudhi Yoga. The understanding that Yoga is just not a science but engineering to understand ourselves. The Yoga teachers teach with an aim to create a lifestyle that will inspire their students and to further inspire their students to adopt Yoga in their daily life. The learning and transformation act as the pillar of Vishudhi Yoga. The mundane teaching skills are not the pride of the Yoga School. The focus also lies on how to use props and abatement for all bodies, ailments, and abilities. A person doesn’t have to go far for the training as the Vishudhi Yoga got many destinations over the country like Dharmashala, Goa, and Rishikesh. And just not the locations but the varieties of the courses which suits you best.


DatesDaysTwin SharingPrivate RoomApply
1st Feb to 11th Feb 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here
1st March to 11th March 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here
1st April to 11th April 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here
1st May to 11th May 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here
1st June to 11th June 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here
1st July to 11th July 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here
1st Aug to 11th Aug 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here
1st Sept to 11th Sept 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here
1st Oct to 11th Oct 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here
1st Nov to 11th Nov 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here
1st Dec to 11th Dec 202011500 USD600 USDApply Here