200 hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

Yoga has been an integral part of our Indian heritage and if the same goes for any individual then Yoga teacher training is the foremost course they can crop in their life. The course is offered by the Vishudhi Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh. The person who personifies intense interest in Yoga and want to practice Asanas, want to study Anatomy to know about the body is directly hitched to the Yoga. The course also inhibits Physiology, Pranayama, Meditation Yoga and the most critical part for a Teacher, i.e. Teaching Methodology. It also teaches you to inculcate a perfect balance between physical as well as mental health. Amid the course, if you have been performing AshtangaVinyasa Primary Series for at least 6months then it acts as an advantage for you. But if you don’t have the experience in AshtangaVinyasa but have a perfect blend of Physical and Mental fitness, the 200 hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training course is best for the individual and he or she can look forward to the enriching training in Goa. The distance has been the major concern among the students but the school is situated at a 5mins walking distance from Arambol beach, which is the most desirable among the Yoga holidays travellers.

The syllabus for the 200 hours Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India follows as:

  • 84 Yogic Asanas – Ashtanga Primary & Secondary Series.
  • Traditional AshtangaVinyasa Mysore style
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Vinyasa Flow with basic, intermediate and advanced postures
  • Art of sequencing a Vinyasa class
  • Alignment and Adjustments for the most common asanas used in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow by our biomechanic experts
  • Individual posture suggestions
  • Applied Yogic Anatomy
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Art of Teaching Vinyasa
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Restorative yoga poses to counterbalance intense ashtanga

Why choose Yoga teacher training at Vishudhi Yoga?

To become a Yoga teacher with the purpose of making a difference in the world is one of the most amazing things. But to become a distinctive Yoga teacher can truly impact the world. At VishudhiYoga, the aim is not to build a business model and make an enormous profit but to spread the Yoga all over the world and to help the people by fixing the balance between mind and body. And ultimately living successful lives. The mission of Vishudhi Yoga is to cater to proper alignment, special focus on yoga therapy and the use of props in Iyengar style. It ultimately gives the practitioners a life-changing experience with no injury during the process. The training courses include tuition of Hath Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga (primary series) Vinyasa flow. Every course has taken the roots and has established after the deep thought. The Vishudhi Yoga provides the blend of the ashram with modern amenities. The guide for each and every practitioner is according to their best suitable growth. The training will teach you to be independent and organize your own class!

DatesDaysTwin SharingPrivate RoomApply
1st Feb to 21st Feb 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here
1st March to 21st March 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here
1st April to 21st April 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here
1st May to 21st May 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here
1st June to 21st June 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here
1st July to 21st July 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here
1st Aug to 21st Aug 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here
1st Sept to 21st Sept 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here
1st Oct to 21st Oct 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here
1st Nov to 21st Nov 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here
1st Dec to 21st Dec 2020211000 USD1100 USDApply Here