Breathing Techniques


Breathing Techniques

Breathing Techniques

Breathing Techniques

Many of us think that why yoga more focused on the breath? Is there any link between breath and yoga? Yoga not just limited to flexibility, focus and strength. Without attention to the breath and proper breathing, it is not much different from exercises. Breathing considered as one of the most important parts of yoga. Presently, breathing techniques don’t have much importance in modern yoga. But, the power of the breath has a huge profit that shouldn’t be ignored so easily.

The breathing techniques which used in yoga taken from Pranayama practices. Pranayama signifies to hold the breath for a specific time. There are various most important Pranayama techniques available about that everyone should aware and practice as well. Pranayamas includes a lot of benefits which related to focus and physical strength. They help to provide relief from stress, reduce anxiety, calm down the mind as well as give clarity about your emotions.

So, let’s have a deep look at a few popular breathing methods which are important and used in yoga:


If you practice on Kapalabhati then you should follow the breathing technique after your practice. In Kapalabhati, it consumes a lot of energy your energy. Kapalabhati considered as a cleansing breath. Therefore we advise you to not practice it every day. It is suitable if you get proper supervision from a coach when you think to go for breathing practice.

Nadi Sodhan

This exercise is told to be good for treating all diseases and can be practiced by anyone. But, if you are suffering from cold, then we advise you to not practice it daily avoid it. If you perform this exercise for 5 minutes, then it only works on your outer energy. The practice of it for 5-10 will work on your internal energy, 15 minutes practice affects systems, 15-20 minutes practice will work on organs, 20-25 minutes practice will work on tissues and more than 25 minutes practice will work for your each and every body cell.


This technique is also called sleeping child breath and ocean sound. This technique is best for the thyroid glands. This is also good for the majority of diseases, excluding throat cancer and ear infections. The ujjayi technique is also good for immunity, constipation, diabetes and asthma. If you are more than 40 years of age and at this age, there is less calcium in the body, so this exercise will work good for you.


This breathing technique is very forceful. When you inhale and exhale you’re your both nostrils with this breathing technique, then it should create clear sound. When you exhale, the belly will go inside and during inhalation, the belly goes outside. If you are going through respiratory issues, then you shouldn’t practice this technique for more than 20 breaths.

Surya Bhedi

This practice also called the sun piercing Pranayama. In this exercise, we have to do inhalation through the right nostril as well as the exhalation through the left nostril. This Pranayama is very active. This practice considered as good for the issues related to constipation.

Chandra Bhedi

This practice also called the moon piercing Pranayama. In this exercise, we have to do inhalation through the left nostril as well as the exhalation through the right nostril. It’s good for hypertension and to treat too much heat in the body because it’s believed to cool the breath.

Breath and Length of Life

It is believed that if per minute you breathe 15 times, then you will survive up to 75 or 80 years. If per minute you breathe ten times there the chances are high that you live 100 years. Your breathing speed always decides the duration of your life. If you inhale and exhale fast, then it can shorten your life.

In reality, breathing works as the core part of yoga because it helps us in involving with the delicate energy inside. Because of breathing we can find out different levels of awareness. In addition, breathing deliberately has a natural effect on our physical, mental and emotional state. When you take breaths consciously, you make active every part of your brain. Go for breathing techniques and have a healthy life. Before you start practicing make sure to have proper guidance from expert instructor so that you can know them deeply.


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