Syllabus for 200 Hour Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training

Our Multi-style Yoga teacher training is a combination of three main styles of Yoga practiced these days: Traditional Hatha Yoga and its therapeutic aspects, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and Vinyasa Flow yoga.



Hatha Yoga is the source of most Western yoga practices which spread from Hatha’s approach for stilling the mind and accessing the deeper levels of ourselves through the body and particularly the breath.
A usual Hatha class structure would be a moderately paced practice combining yoga pose (asana), breathing awareness, pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and the chanting of mantras to open or close the class.
A Hatha Yoga practice aims to balance yoga practitioner’s body, keeping it healthy in order to be free from distractions and access the subtle purification of the mind.  The Hatha Yoga practitioner will eventually develop a subtle awareness within the body that aids in cultivating a meditative state.


At Vishuddhii Yoga 200 Hour Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training we instruct Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic heating practice that aims to detoxify and still the mind. Ujjayi pranayama/breathing is practiced throughout to bring about this detoxifying effect. Ashtangis focus on one point or Dristi to avoid distraction and go inward whilst engaging bandha locks to contain the energy created.
Traditionally Ashtanga is a fixed sequence where each practitioner would practice in the same way every day. The teacher would watch and assist and give the next pose in the series when the student was ready. The student would eventually build up a full primary series and then be introduced to the next. This is a systematical approach allowing for the body to gain flexibility and strength slowly.
On 200 Hour Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training our teachers instruct each asana in detail explaining modifications and props where needed. Students practice these asanas according to their capacity. We teach the whole primary series including rules of sequencing, pranayama, chanting, and dristi.


Vinyasa Yoga is a modern fast-paced practice derived from the Ashtanga Vinyasa system and the Guru T. Krishnamacharya himself. The essence of the practice is to flow between yoga postures while breath and Drishti (eye gaze) are synchronized. Every change is smoothly linked to a breath. The breath supports the movement starting with one posture then onto the next. The difference between Ashtanga and Vinyasa is that the latter has no set sequence and each pose flows into the next organically.
Modern day Vinyasa is popular worldwide and on 200 Hour Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training we focus on instructing our students in intelligent sequencing that both strengthens the body and allows the flow of energy to move. We teach from an alignment point of view and so even though students will move more quickly we emphasize a holistic and safe practice that heals and not harms. Students will learn how to structure a class from an alignment, anatomy and energy point of view.


Here, on the Vishuddhi Yoga 200 Hour Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training course we aim for all our students to experience subtle awareness and cultivate a mindful yoga practice. In Therapeutic Hatha Yoga, we assess each student individually in order to give appropriate asana or modification that will correct physical, mental or other levels of imbalance over time. Using an alignment approach to address injury and imbalance we teach students how to modify poses with the correct use of props and physical hands-on adjustment to work with students of all kinds.


At Vishuddhi Yoga 200 Hour Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training we consider it most important that our trainee teachers practice. Only by experience can a yoga teacher be authentic. Having said that the second most important aspect of a good teacher is that they can convey their message coherently. 200 Hour Multi-style Yoga Teacher Training offers student vital advice on classroom management techniques, structure, sequencing, and organization of classes. As well as confidence building activities. What sets our course apart is that students start to teach from the outset. We guide students through ways of instruction, demonstration, and adjustment including hands-on and the use of props. Each day students will practice the skills taught to them and will receive feedback from both teachers and peers.

300 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala

Vishuddhi Yoga provides 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. It is a prerequisite to join 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training that the applicant must have successfully completed recognized 200 hour yoga training, it may be any recognized school. 300 hour is an advanced course which aims to build and perfect knowledge even further. The course increases one’s skills both as a practitioner and a teacher. The 300 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala focuses on advanced teaching techniques, intelligent sequencing and the therapeutics or benefits of yoga asana. They emphasize on hands on adjustments, use of props and subtle yoga anatomy to build confident teachers. Their courses are highly practical and experiential. The course aims at prospective teachers; they teach in details how to teach, even though all of the knowledge learnt can be applied to individual practitioner. 300 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala is for practitioners who want to deepen their practice as well as those who wish to teach. It is an intense course that is a total yoga immersion where one can expect many positive changes.

This carefully designed multistyle yoga course provides training in three main styles of yoga: Hatha (including traditional and therapeutic), Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Yoga. The course offers:

↪ Applied anatomy lectures
↪ Daily yoga asanas multi style practice
↪ Philosophical discussions
↪ Meditation
↪ Self awareness programmes
↪ Vegetarian food at the weekends
↪ Teaching yoga disciplines
↪ Enables accommodation
↪ Cleans organs
↪ Social activities
↪ Decreases stress and depression
↪ Discharge endorphins
↪ Eliminates chronic pain
↪ Free sight seeing
↪ Free pick up
↪ No risk of injuries
↪ Improves position
↪ Manuals

At Vishuddhi, yoga teacher training, they don’t treat yoga as an exercise but as a science to understand the inner engineering of one. They welcome their students as a part of the infinite cosmic family, working towards the path of self realization. People see yoga as a sport and worthy only as a fitness regime. Yoga teacher training programs propagate yoga in its true essence, with focus on its all 8 limbs. No matter where one comes from or what age one is, yoga has immense potential to drastically transform life. Apart from spiritual benefits, there are a lot of physical benefits attributed to the practice of yoga. These days yoga teacher training has become a money making business. But at Vishuddhi yoga the sole aim is to spread yoga in its true sense helping people to balance the mind body and spirit and lead peaceful and successful lives. They only charge for the stay and costs incurred. They involve various social activities also to spread yoga and help the not so privileged people of the society.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

The 200 hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Courses is offered by Vishuddhi Yoga Teacher Training School in GOA Arambol India. The place is right for any person who has a passion for Yoga, wants to practice thorough exercises of Asanas, Anatomy, Physiology, Pranayama, Meditation Yoga philosophy and Teaching Methodology. The course focuses to perfectly balance physical as well as mental health, this is a reason we place same emphasis on themes such as Yoga philosophy and meditation. If you have been performing Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series for at least 6 months, it’s your extra gain. But likewise if you don’t have experience in Ashtanga Vinyasa practice but have a perfect physical and mental fitness, this teacher training course is a best for you and you can look forward to join in our world-class Yoga teacher training in Goa . the school is situated 5 mins walking distance from arambol beach which is one of the most popular beach amongst the yoga holidays travelers.

Vishuddhi yoga 200 hour ashtanga vinyasa style Yoga Teacher Training Course is fit for any beginner yoga practitioner who is willing to get experience in best Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa.
This yoga course is completed in 24 days a total of 200 hours where we offer :-

↪ Vedic ceremony and course induction
↪ 4 hours of daily yoga asanas multi style practice
↪ Applied anatomy lectures
↪ Philosophical discussions
↪ Meditation and self awareness practices
↪ Art of teaching yoga discipline
↪ Hygienic vegetarian food during weekdays
↪ Clean well ventilated wifi enabled accommodation
↪ Manual

Skill level

BEGINNER AND INTERMEDIATE p.s we do not evaluate your previous yoga experience and a uniform yoga program is adopted for all the practitioners.

Course fees and schedule:-

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↪ 06.30 AM – 07.00 AM
↪ 07.00 AM – 09.00 AM
↪ 09.00 AM – 10.00 AM
↪ 10.00 AM – 11.15 AM
↪ 11.30 AM – 12:45 PM
↪ 12:45 PM – 02:45 PM
↪ 02.45 PM – 03:45 PM
↪ 04:00 PM –06:00 PM
↪ 06:00 PM – 07.00 PM

Morning Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting & Kriya yoga
Yoga Asanas
Breakfast Time
Teaching Methodology
Applied Anatomy
lunch and Rest
Yoga Asanas

Course Inclusion :

↪ 24 Nights stay
↪ Course Manual
↪ Mat to practice
↪ Cleansing kit
↪ Props
↪ Yoga bag

Facilities Available at Vishuddhi Yoga Teacher Training School

↪ 24×7 hot and cold water supplies
↪ Comfy bedding, blankets, mattress, sheets and pillow to the students.
↪ Laundry service against payment
↪ Fast WI-FI connectivity is available all over the premises.
↪ UV filtered drinking water is supplied.
↪ Well ventilated rooms

What is not Included:

Taxi pick up and drop – can be easily arranged against additional cost

Polular Places Around:-

↪ Arambol Market –5 mins driving distance
↪ Arambol beach – a short walk away from the school
↪ Querim beach – 20 mins driving distance
↪ Sweet lake – 15 mins walking distance
↪ Airport – 90 minutes driving distance
↪ Railway station – nearest railway station is pernem which is 32 mins driving distance

Suggested readings

↪ Yoga Mala – K.Patabajois
↪ 4 chapters on freedom Sw Satyananda Saraswati
↪ Yoga anatomy leslie kaminoff / Key muscles of Yoga- Ray Long
↪ Asana pranayama mudra bandha by bihar school of yoga
↪ Meditation from Tantras by Bihar School of Yoga.

Our objective to provide the correct skills and knowing the various styles of Yoga to pupils from distinct part of nation, backgrounds and philosophies, the program is approachable and flexible. You will be correctly directed and assisted from end to end the entire course along with you will be trained to initiate teaching Yoga classes with utmost care and self-confidence. After end of the training, our students are honored the (RYT) certificate of the teacher training course. This certificate is effective internationally. You can easily able to achieve a job in a foreign country, or even also setup your own teaching Studio or school. Working in this part provides a complete satisfaction and shortly you will determine that teaching Yoga is a brilliant way to help and cater to your community the individuals.

Styles of Yoga Practice at Vishuddhi yoga school, India

Vishuddhi Yoga greatly offers 200-hours Yoga Teacher Training in India at Goa. The yoga classes are technically crafted by our professional yoga instructors and dedicated to a various yoga styles like Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and art of teaching yoga Programs. The most popular Ashtanga and Vinayasa yoga programs include:

Ashtanga Yoga – primary and secondary series

Ashtanga yoga is a multifaceted and challenging type of Yoga that mainly focuses on toxin discharges through sweat. The complete attention of this practice is set mainly on freeing the toxins, fortifying the muscles and increasing the tone in them. Poses are chronologically done according to different series by associating postures with a special kind of breathing, simultaneously working on energy locks.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means movement in Sanskrit that establishes series of flexible body movements, synchronized with shapes of inhalation and typicallyattended by music. It’s a great therapy for eyes to perceive people working Vinyasa sessions as it comprises ofintense movements and no any of the movements is equal. Many times, each session comprises a sequence of created poses, kriyas, and breathing that entirely assists to strengthen the body and eliminate stresses. One of the most significant components of Vinyasa sessions is Surya Asanas also known as as Sun Salutation Postures. This type of yoga is intended for both beginners as well as experienced person.

What to more expect from the 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Program?

The goal of the Vishuddhi Yoga Training in India is to offer trainees and veteran Yoga apprentices with robust methodological and theoretical experience. This will allow them to do Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series with excellence and accurate position. The yoga teacher training course will train the future instructors to be entirely independent and organize their own yoga classes .
At the Vishuddhi Yoga, all beginners can learn an excellent combination of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with alignment awareness. This style has an ultimate goal of practicing and teaching stress free yoga.

100 hour yoga teacher training in Goa

Yoga is a traditional ancient practice that brings about unified purification of mind, soul and the lifestyle as a whole. The benefits of following the principles of Yoga cannot all be accounted for but it is of paramount importance that these postures be done under proper supervision. As a result, with the spread of yoga around the world, the importance of proficient, knowledgeable and qualified yoga teachers has increased as well.

Vishuddhi Yoga School, a chain of yoga centers based in India offers 100-hour yoga teacher training in Goa. People from all parts of the world come here to learn about the ancient wisdom of yoga and what it means to be a yoga teacher – confidence, patience, self-belief and above all honesty. The aim of the 100-teacher training course is to awaken the potential that lies within a person through peace of mind and inducing a sense of self-belief. A sense of harmony and unity is established in the lives of the participants by bringing people from different countries and different social and cultural backgrounds together under one roof, providing them with common shelter and food. The focus is more on the discovery of one’s potential rather than on the postures and techniques.

The course syllabus includes: –

1)    Basics of preaching the principles of yoga to the students

2)    Proper alignment of postures

3)    Yoga anatomy

4)    How to detect the potential of the student

5)    How to prevent common injuries during the practice of certain postures

6)    Mantra Chanting

7)    Yoga philosophy, also known as Patanjali Yoga Sutra

8)    Principles of Ayurveda and yoga

9)    Meditation postures – pranayama or yogic breathing

10)    Body cleansing using yoga – Kriya Yoga

At the end of the course, the students are asked to teach classes within a specific time limit and also with a different number of students.

Vishuddhi Yoga is one of the most renowned yoga institutes in India that has earned a name for itself across the globe because of its well-organized and effective 100-hour yoga teacher training in Goa. The course includes the basics of yoga teaching and obviously, along with a solid theoretical base the curriculum also provides practical experiences of teaching yoga. This is of vital importance as the yoga teachers come across students with different capabilities and also disabilities. Accidents can arise if people perform the postures of yoga without proper supervision and this may lead to far-reaching consequences within the structure of the body and its constitution. Hence, the people who undertake this course are made to undergo extensive practical classes in the course of the training period so that they get acquainted with the various challenges that may arise during the teaching process. The principles of yoga teach about harmony and peace and these principles play an important role in building a peaceful environment. With the help of highly experienced and proficient teachers, the students get well acquainted with the proper postures of the common yoga practices and their benefits as well. Vishuddhi Yoga is well-known for holding these courses on a regular basis throughout the year.

100 hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala

Since the ancient times, Yoga has been revered as an exercise of the mind and soul that leads to the unification of the mind with nature and surroundings. It purifies the mind and soul. In India, amidst the divine snow-capped mountains and lush green forests, one of the most renowned yoga institutes of yoga teacher training is established in Dharamshala.

The 100-hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala is one of the most renowned courses of yoga around the world. The course has been started to give a brief yet sufficient training to the yoga teachers whose importance has increased parallelly with the spread of popularity of yoga. Yoga must be practiced under a proper supervisor who knows the pros and cons of the postures as well as the method to perform them. Many a time people ignore this rule and faces dire consequences. The other reason why this course has been started is that many of the participants find the 200-hour course tough to attend due to time or other constraints. This course blends the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic and yogic culture and practices with the modern science and technology to build the capabilities and utility of the trainees as a yoga teacher.

The course syllabus includes the following:

↪ Hatha yoga – Meditation and breathing techniques to instill a sense of peace and harmony in the minds of the people. It enhances the capability of the trainee to realize his or her potential. Pranayama and kriyas are taught along with mantra chanting.
↪ Proper postures for common yoga practices to prevent injury that may lead to serious situations afterward.
↪ Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga – It focuses the mind and channels the spiritual energy to various parts or “anga” of the body.
↪ Yoga anatomy and physiology – The parts of the body and their activity while performing each posture.
↪ Yoga philosophy – A detailed study of the principles of yoga that tell us about the importance of harmony, peace and focus within and outside the human body.
↪ Practical – A first-hand experience is given to the trainees to teach a different number of students within a given time period.

Vishuddhi Yoga is one of the most renowned yoga institutes in India that has earned a name for itself across the globe because of its well-organized and effective 100-hour yoga teacher training in Dharamshala.The course gives a solid foundation to the participants regarding the basic knowledge and wisdom of yogic and Ayurvedic principles and experience in yogic practices. People from different countries and races are made to live under one roof to instill a sense of unity and harmony in the surroundings, The most important thing in the syllabus is the actual practice of teaching in a yoga class. This gives the trainees a brief idea of how to deal with defects in postures and avoid injuries and accidents. Through these experiences, the knowledge and confidence of the individual are increased manifolds. With the help of proficient and well-experienced teachers, the trainees are taught the proper methods and sequences of the yoga practices and how they affect the body. The well-organized combination of ancient wisdom with modern science is the reason why Vishuddhi Yoga is renowned.