Our Teachers

Teachers at vishuddhi yoga teacher training consist of individuals who have graduated from traditional yoga schools of India and are well adept with the physical, physiological, philosophical and mental aspects of this discipline. Teacher’s at vishuddhi yoga teacher training showcase an immense love for yoga, have dynamic energy and personality, exhibit exuberant confidence and believe in instilling the same in every practitioner studying at vishuddhi yoga teacher training.

Yogi Sarvottam

Mantra chanting & Meditation Teacher
Sarvottam Kumar is a Director of Study Yoga teacher training Programs at Mantra Yoga & Meditation School India.A Yoga Philosophy and An expert meditation teacher in eastern Vedic wisdom and mindfulness.He uses different meditation techniques based on Individual suits and requirements.Also, an Ayurveda Massage Practitioner, Chakra, Sound Healing Therapist by profession.

Akshay layi

Yoga Philosophy Teacher
Akshay started practising yoga at an early age. After graduating in Yogic science & sub subject commerce Akshay begun his Yogic journey in 2009 and sought out Gurus and teachers throughout India. He studied yoga Asana and philosophy with monks at different ashrams in the Himalayas, Bihar School of Yoga (Mungar), and Divine life Society & Yog Vedanta School Rishikesh and with huge passion and Ten years of self-practice and seven years of teaching experience makes him a strict teacher who pays a lot of emphasis on bio-mechanics of the body (the subtle movements of body parts) while performing an asana. Akshay weaves this teaching style and bio-mechanics into his anatomy classes which are purely practical in nature.Yoga Philosophy teaching from his traditional lifestyle of Bhakti,Gyan,Karma Yoga.He believes that proper application of Pranayama,Asana, bandhas and sub bandhas can bring about this movement which can be felt in yoga asanas.


An advocate by profession, Aakanksha, who grew up in a traditional Indian home with a spiritual upbringing, had always felt a calling to study and practice the art of yoga and meditation. The hectic life she had led, coupled with the stress and health ailments finally motivated her to change stream and join the Mahi Yoga centre in the pursuit of a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle, where she has completed 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training.


Omkar Kapoor hails from the beautiful town of baghsu nag, Dharamshala. Omkar is the first yoga teacher who started teaching yoga in baghsu nag in 2003. Being the pioneer omkar has trained multitudes in hatha yoga. Having a strong foundation in yoga studies omkar is the product of prestigious yoga schools (ashrams) like Bihar School of Yoga and Sanatan Vishwa VIdyalaya (kerala) where he spent an important part of his life devoting himself to the study of yoga and meditation.  Omkar has been a famous face in Tel Aviv as he has taught there extensively. Hatha yoga, pranayama and kriyas are subjects taught by omkar at Mahi Yoga wherein he explains these practices in a method centric and easily understandable way.

Prashant Chettri Khadka

Prashant Chettri Khadka, was born and raised in Darjeeling in a shamanic family. In his early childhood, Prashant started practicing Bhakti Yoga with his mother, through which he gained a solid understanding of the healing process. He now teaches traditional Ashtanga Yoga, keeping true to the essence of Yoga.