Sheeba Ahmed


Sheeba Ahmed

I just did 200h YTT here at Dharamshala. This place is packed with positive energies!! Our group was very diverse having people from all over the world. Every teacher and student bonded so well as if we are one big family- I guess this is the meaning of yoga; to unite .Teachers are very knowledgeable and warm-hearted. The weather was great in June. Location was beautiful!!! It’s like you are staying in the lap of nature!! Beautiful trees and mountains all around you. Special mention for people who are into bird watching- so many rare species of birds, it’s amazing!!!!! I learned a lot from this place. It has definitely improved my mental and physical health I noticed it when I returned to my stressful work environment. Situations are arising just as usual here but the way I am reacting to them has changed!!! I am calmer and at peace- Aparigraha I guess

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