Muireann Tarrant


I loved my time with Vishuddhi Yoga and Bjorn doing my 200 hr, I felt so much love, so much like family and learned so much I didn’t know. They are so beautiful. Their knowledge, love, compassionate sharing. Namaste



Fantastic, immersive, life-altering experience in gorgeous Armbol beach, Goa. A great diversity of teachers. The balance of topics: philosophy, anatomy, an art of teaching, meditation and Asanas. Several styles of yoga practice: Ashtanga yoga, therapeutic yoga, Hatha and Vinyasa. Amazing teachers!!!


I just finished my 200 YTT with Vishuddhi Yoga, and I can honestly say it was a life-changing experience. The amount of knowledge that I have gained in the past month is priceless, and something I will be eternally grateful for. The staff is incredible, the accommodations are beautiful, and the classes are outstanding, varied, and extremely informative. I feel like I am walking away with all of the fundamentals I need to continue on my lifelong yoga journey. For anyone who is nervous, don’t let it hold you back from what could be a pivotal moment in your life! The energy of Bhagsu is something really special that you need to experience first hand. Open your heart, gather some courage, and take the step to deepen your own practice. You won’t regret it!
Thank you so soso much, Everyone.

Mike Fogarty


I have been practicing for about 10 years and have done so in more than 10 countries and without a doubt; Vishuddhi Yoga is one of the best instructors I have studied with. The knowledge relating to asana and alignment is profound. Classes and instruction is great environments for learning and deepening your practice. Also, Anu is one of the best instructors I have practiced with. She is very kind and caring. She creates a great atmosphere for learning and teaching preparation. I recommend anyone looking to deepen their practice and become certified in an authentic teaching to study with these two.


I have been practicing yoga for 7 years now, mainly in NYC. I have had the pleasure of practicing with Vishuddhi Yoga. I took 200hr Goa TTC in Nov.’15 Teachers provided me with the confidence to teach, and a deeper, more whole yoga practice. I advanced my own asanas, learned how to recognize limitations and assist others through the use of props, proper alignment, and thanks to Bjorn’s anatomy classes, knowledge of the human body.,They love to make educated yoga teachers, with a deep love and understanding of yoga. I suggest anyone who would like to deepen their practice and/or begin their teaching journey to join Vishuddhi Yoga school.

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