Yoga Teacher Training In Goa

Yoga Teacher Training in Goa

Imagine extensive seashore, humid climate and the sound of calm breakers varied with that of your breath as you just sit down and peacefully practice your pranayama on the beach and this is the absolutely soothing experience when learning yoga in Goa that will offer you. Beautiful Arambol beach where vishuddhi yoga is situated offers multiple and the unmatched environment to learn yoga. Once you step forward on this splendid ground, definitely you will fall in love with the pristine and immaculate milieu. With the great support of your yoga expert; you will be able to explore many wonders around you.

Goa sets to offer its ancient knowledge – clean and endless diversities. The attractive land is popularly known as “Pearl of the Orient” and undoubtedly a “Tourist Paradise”. Defined by the correct blend of lively culture, opulent inheritance and unspoiled environment, Goa is a sublime habitation for yoga devotees. For these aims, it has become a popular center for yoga training courses and places that focus in several yoga styles.

It is not only the specific natural environment that completely sets the mood for performing yoga although it is also the attentive people of Goa who every time welcome all international visitors with friendliness and affection. Being the number one tourist spot for various international explorers from all over world, Goancitizens exactlyknowhow to speak English and some other widespreadlanguages that makes communication very easy for travelers.

Why Yoga In Goa?

Once you sit for Yoga and meditation close to the flawless beaches of Goa you will absolutely get renovated to an entirely exceptional world. As your outer self-slides through the efficient network of asanas, your internal being drops itself in the serenity of the area.
Goa is a purelovingdestination by all country’s people. The place is listed the massive entry of far-off travelers, it also practices the immaculate site to learn and practice yoga that perfectly endeavors to assist you attain external beauty and alsotry to seek the inner concord. The stress-free atmosphere, the agreeable weather, perky green steamy cover, the quiet Arabian Sea, appealing beaches and the year-long modest temperatures makes it the flawlessspot to practice sadhana and strives to reach the eventual moksha or sadhana.

About Vishuddhi Yoga

Vishuddhi Yoga efficiently runs one of 200-hour yoga teacher training in Goa. The 24 days that you will spend on your yoga teacher training in goa will deliver you the picture-perfect environment and we will place the base of your deliverance as an experienced trainer who will bring revolution through yoga. Throughout these 24 days, we call for full involvement and commitment. With the help of our trained and proficient yoga instructors and with great endeavors you will be available on the route of self-discovery and a transformation to your potential students in future.

200 Hours Teacher Training Course Programs in Goa

The 200 hours Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teachers Training Certification Course Program(TTC) is the most popular on the basic course offered by Vishuddhi Yoga School. A wide-ranging course in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, this teacher’s training program is organizing under the observation of Yoga Master and practiced by Yoga Association.
The school has aim of such basic course is to build yoga applicants accomplished of understanding and breeding the multi part Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga form with the assistance of right position and several braces used in the yoga discipline. One of the vital features of this training is introducing yoga applicants into the world of strong yoga training and a match less knowledge and appreciation of individual’s own body structure.

Healing approach

We at Vishuddhi Yoga widely have faith in the quality of soul. We feel that sharing emotions and affection are only the best treatment for your well being at all. During the term of your Teacher Training, Yoga shelters or Detox programs where you will feel a bolster of affection all over the places. We have our best and well-qualified Yoga Teachers available on the site of Yoga Resort 24/7 to monitor you through any problems sensitive or mental of any kind and assist you to sort out them.

Unmatched Yoga Style

We practice Yoga in Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa course. This amalgamation of styles of yoga is matchless in its own technique. Hatha Yoga is the peak of all Yoga charms and performs with extremely placid method. Though, Ashtanga Yoga is a highly vigorous form of Yoga, greatly demanding run through harmonizes breath and body movements to channelize inner warmth to cleanse the body.

About the course

Your regular program at Vidusha Yoga will be packed of various activities. You will wide-awake with the dawn, inhale in the fresh and clean air, expanse your body and begin your everyday yoga kriyas and meditation. This will be monitored by asana exercise. At 9 am, the breakfast will be served. Afterward, there will be classes on human composition, yoga beliefs and teaching practice, followed by lunch. During afternoon there will be workshops on several related subjects and then at evening students will meet for the evening yoga practice and modification teaching skills.

From learning methods, to knowing composition and functioning, to yoga beliefs and lifestyle, to guided asana practice – your days at Vidusha will be crammed with knowledge, pleasure and various activities.
Yoga Viewpoint, Lifestyle, Composition & Structure
Students are also provided comprehensive training in understanding of Yoga Viewpoint, Yogic regime, body functioning and overall composition.

This awareness assists them do better as instructors.

Equipped with this knowledge they grasp a position where they can communicate and adapt yoga asanas and training programs for particular students in a method that benefits them the most.

They have great ability to find problem parts and provides healing posture guidance and assist in treating the sicknesses of their students

Places to Visit in Goa

The point of attractions in Goa where all yoga trainers will enjoy with their yoga training and those stunning tourist places are Panaji, Old Goa, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Dudhsagar Falls, Se Cathedral, Chapora Fort, Goa State Museum, and , etc. Along with you can also experience the various beach sites and the most popular beaches where all yoga buffs can take fresh air and travel too in Goa are Querim Beach, North Goa, Arambol Beach, North Goa, Mandrem Beach, Morjim Beach, Chapora Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach, and lots more.


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