Affordable Yoga Teacher Training in India


Affordable Yoga Teacher Training in India

Vishuddhi Yoga is the ultimate destination for you to dwell in a peaceful and soothing abode. At Vishuddhi Yoga, we treat Yoga and meditation as a vital part of daily life and human existence. You can come and be a part of our Affordable Yoga Teacher Training India to have an enlightening and fulfilling experience. Shri Mahindra founded the center of Vishuddhi Yoga, and since its inception, it has been cultivating essential social and cultural significance.

We provide Cheap Yoga Teacher Course in India. You can enroll in our yoga teacher training courses. Details about the yoga courses are given below.

Cheapest Yoga Teacher Training India

At the very core of it, we consider the practice and exercise of  Yoga as a soulful and mindful concept. We do not preach its tenets as a sport and a fitness methodology. The Yoga Teacher Training course at Vishuddhi Yoga concentrates on every aspect of the ritual. They are, namely – Niyama, Pranayam, Yama, Asana, Pratyahara, Dhyana, Dharana, and Samadhi.

Vishuddhi Yoga provides Yoga Teacher Training at Goa, Rishikesh, Dharamsala centers. The members can enroll in any one of the three-course programs available.

100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Under this training scheme, yoga training is imparted to yoga teachers in a brief yet concentrated manner. This 100-hour yoga teacher training is the most widely chosen training format because of its short span; people who find the other two schemes elaborate and extended, enroll for this one short productive session.

Under this teacher training course program, the following are included

  • Ashtanga vinyasa yoga: It is supervised by an ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher, who teaches how to focus the mind on the inner spiritual energy and to let go of other feelings gradually.
  • Hatha Yoga: Under this particular aspect, Pranayama, kriyas, and mantra chanting is included. The motif of this practice is to be familiar with meditation and breathing exercises.
  • Yoga Philosophy: A detailed theoretical study of Yoga as a spiritual and mystic concept.
  • The training course facilitates practical training; the trainees are made to undergo the various postures under teachers’ supervision.
  • Knowledge about Yoga anatomy is given to know in detail about the various body parts and their yogic functions.

The 100-hour training course can be taken in private, or in twin sharing. For private sessions, the price is USD 600; for twin sharing sessions USD 500. The number of sessions conducted throughout the year is nine.

200 Hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course

This scheme of yoga teacher training is advanced and more experimental. Before enrolling for this program, the members should have six months of Yoga Practice. The members also need to have a very proper physical posture to enroll in this course, since this course involves a lot of practical training.

The course teaches as pe traditional yogic methods. The syllabus includes –

  • The practice of yoga asanas daily.
  • Many practical and complicated postures.
  • Theoretical and applied lectures on Yoga Anatomy.
  • The yoga philosophy.
  • Cleansing of the body and soul.
  • Becoming self-aware.
  • Four hours of regular asana practice.

The members are provided with accommodation and vegetarian food facilities. The principles that are followed belong to Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and Vinyasa Yoga.

At the end of the course, each member is given a passing certificate affiliated by the Government of India and the USA Yoga Alliance. This certificate will help the members further in becoming excellent yoga trainers themselves.


Private training – USD 1000

Twin Sharing Training- USD 900.

A total of 9 sessions are conducted throughout the year.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

The 300-hour teacher training program offered by Vishuddhi Yoga is the most advanced level of yoga training Available. This course is detailed and very practical in the curriculum. The course can be opted for to gain training in becoming a yoga trainer oneself, or in gaining further insight into the practice of Yoga as a practitioner.

Prerequisites for members who want to enroll – They should have completed their 200-hour teacher training program.

The course trains its members in three different styles – Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, and Vinyasa Yoga.

  • Theoretical lectures on Applied Yoga Anatomy.
  • Practical asana practice sessions.
  • Clearing of the mind, body, and soul.
  • Improvisation of yoga positions.
  • Increasing Body fitness.
  • Building an attentive presence of mind.
  • Yoga Philosophy.
  • Yoga disciplines.

Under this training course, the members get facilities such as accommodation, healthy food, injury insurance. The training employs the use of yoga props and hands-on adjustments. This builds the students’ awareness and alertness.

Session and Pricing

Private Session – USD 1500.

Twin Sharing Session – USD 1400.

A total of 4 sessions are conducted throughout the year.

Hence, the teacher training course programs provided here at Vishuddhi Yoga are compelling and worthy of spending time over. The yoga instructor courses enable the members to remain more in touch with their soul; promote inner peace; opens up the mind and bring a sense of peace and comfort.

The course centers are in Goa, Rishikesh, and Dharamsala.

You should join the Vishuddhi Yoga teacher training program right away to have a valuable experience.

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